6 Employee Benefits of Working from Home

We all trade time for money to fund our lives, and our jobs can span from entry-level positions to a high-end careers. Regardless of our occupations, more people are working remotely and loving it.

Do you dream of doing your job from home? Many companies are transitioning their workforce to a hybrid or fully remote model, which is advantageous for both the employer and employee.

Are you wondering if it’s right for you? Here are six employee benefits of working at home.

Work From Home Benefit #1: No commute

The worst part of most people’s work day is the drive to get there. Fighting through traffic and road construction delays can be frustrating, but what if you could avoid all that? You can when you work from home.

Your biggest commute is from the kitchen to your home office; the only traffic is your kids and the family pet. This elimination of commuting has other benefits besides wasting time driving too. It also frees up time for much-needed sleep, and you are already home when the work day is done.

Work From Home Benefit #2: You are more comfortable

The business dress code looks smart but can be a little stuffy to wear for a whole day. Even if your previous in-house work was more casual, nothing beats the comfort you can get with lounge clothes at home. You may have some virtual meetings with video, and that is the time to dress the part, at least from the waist up. For the rest of the time, you can wear what feels the most relaxing.

Besides clothing, working at home means you don’t need to sit all day on an office chair at a desk. With a laptop and your smartphone, you can have your feet up while sitting on the couch or walking around the house with your headset on.

Work From Home Benefit #3: Team Communication Software

When working in person at a job, you can collaborate with fellow employees and connect with the office ethos and sense of community. The isolation of working by yourself at home can be tough, but there are incredible communication software suites that help bring together the whole team.

A digital workplace solution bridges that distance gap by using an intranet to link the physical and digital workplace. They allow for clear communication and collaboration through innovative tools and apps so employees can collaborate on projects and share information and knowledge, regardless of their physical location.

This is a game changer for remote employment because it keeps co-workers interacting, with options like messaging capabilities and even commenting on documents and files being worked on.

Work From Home Benefit #4: You save on childcare

If you have kids, you usually need childcare services when you are going to a job. Working at home eliminates the need for daycare or after-school care, and as long as you can stay focused on your work while having the kids around, you will keep more money in your pocket.

You need to separate work life from home life and to have the kids, and there may cross over at times. As long as you can effectively do your job tasks, being at home with your kids while you work is the ultimate dream job.

Work From Home Benefit #5: You can work outside of your geographic area

When finding employment, a big factor is proximity to where you live. Working from home removes that barrier and opens up more opportunities for you in the marketplace. This means you can stay where you are or even move closer to the family if you want. Some people choose to move around and travel while they work.

These digital nomads only need an internet connection to link up to their work hub, so they can bounce around exotic destinations or set themselves up in locations where the cost of living is much lower.

Work From Home Benefit #6: Better productivity and balance

If you are looking for a different type of life where your job doesn’t define you, working at home provides that. There is a better balance between your job and leisure, and with remote work, it’s less stressful without office politics. There are usually fewer distractions at home, giving you more time to be productive. You can focus on your tasks and have higher output with better quality work.

Working from home also leads to healthier eating, more exercise and better sleep, so you will have increased energy for the work day ahead.

Ultimately, the ability to work at home will benefit you and your company. Your employer can streamline costs with a smaller office, and you save on a second car, gas, work clothes and lunches out. This win/win is why more companies are transitioning to a hybrid model of running their business and staff. If you get the offer to work from home, take it. You won’t believe how much better your life will get.

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