6 Cute Packaging Ideas for Shipping

Businesses worldwide ship their products to customers, and more and more, they are looking to make their packaging stand out. You’d think all that matters is what’s inside, but like most things in life, a book cover is what makes you pick it up.

Are you looking to up your game with the products you send out? Here are some cute packaging ideas for shipping to increase brand recognition and connect better with your customers.

Packaging Idea #1: Printed Boxes

Your packages don’t need plain cardboard; they can come alive with colour and texture, so customers see your adorable side. You can get custom boxes printed with your brand messaging and punchy colours. If your product line is diverse, consider different printed boxes for each line.

Don’t forget the inside of the box as well. It does cost a little more, but people notice these details, making it more like they are opening a present rather than a regular shipping package.

Packaging Idea #2: Custom Label

If you want to use a standard package with cardboard or brown paper, why not brighten it up with a colourful label that goes on top of wraps around it? It is a cheaper option while making your packaging look beautiful and inviting.

You can get custom labels in different sizes from around the rectangle and most other shapes. Clear labels work well for see-through packaging, so all you notice is the design logo and not the backing.

It’s nice to be able to identify the package before you open it and see your brand and messaging right upfront. Smaller stickers make the pack even prettier and can differentiate the contents. The options are almost endless, including colourful patterns or your logo and a company mascot you may have developed.

Packaging Idea #3: Inserts

Depending on the scope of your business, you could be shipping your products around the city or the globe. The contents of your package need to stay intact and free from damage, so it’s always best to have filler material for stability. This is an opportunity to make your packaging look charming.

This tailored inner material can be as flashy as you want it, and the type you use has to be better than foam chips. Think of soft tissue paper or crumpled-up comic strips to add a unique touch. How about a scoop of wrapped candy inside for a surprise? It’s like a bonus treat that will excite your customers and hit the mark.

Include a hand-written note or custom-stamped tag that speaks to the item inside. You want the unboxing experience to be special because that speaks volumes about your business and how much you care.

Packaging Idea #4: Custom Tape

As important as keeping your products stable inside, the package must be sturdy enough to stay together during transport. You can use regular packing tape, but why be ordinary? Take it up another notch with adorable custom tape.

You need to match your specialty items with the same vibe on the outside, and having the ability to decorate your reinforced packing tape is a game-changer. Great packaging companies will custom print whatever you want onto the packing tape and allow you to wrap your boxes with adhesive branding.

They can work with your uploaded artwork and use colours and designs to make your logo pop. It is an added touch that your competitors aren’t doing.

Packaging Idea #5: Make It Playful

Your packaging doesn’t have to be all business and no fun. Bring out your playful side with packaging that brings a smile.

Create a cartoon character representing your brand and have them on all the packaging with different poses and expressions that fit the items inside. All it takes is using a digital designer to create a character or buy one in photoshop. They come with tonnes of different expressions, and once you pay the license, you are free to use them commercially as much as you want.

How about a clever quote or quick one-liner? This makes people stop and read your package. They may also keep it to reuse because it’s funny, and your brand gets to live on for free. Keep the messaging light and uplifting because we all need good cheer in our lives.

Other cute ideas to include in your packaging

  • Personal messages to your customers
  • Discount codes for the next order
  • Free samples of another product you sell
  • Small company swag like a key chain or pen

Your competitors are shipping out their products in boring and old packages, so now is the time to stand out in the market. Take onboard these cute packaging ideas for shipping your items and see your brand awareness soar.

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