3 Ways You Can Save Money When Hiring a Locksmith

Most people dread havin a need to call a locksmith. However, a visit from a professional during a lockout or when upgrading security features does not have to break the budget. The following three tips will help you save money when using a locksmith’s services. Learn more information and find additional resources at the Bee Safe & Lock website.

1. Keep a spare car key.

For those who own the most modern vehicle models, losing a car key requires more than it did in the past. Current vehicles have keys that include high-tech features like a transponder chip or fob. Push-to-start ignitions involve even more technology as they operate based on promixity. Repairing or replacing the latest technology often comes with a much higher pricetag. Vehicle owners can cut costs by keeping a spare copy of their vehicle’s key. In the event of an emergency, the locksmith can duplicate the key at a much lower cost instead of creating an entirely new key altogether. If a vehicle comes with a fob, the driver can purchase a replacement and have a locksmith program the new fob at a lower cost than obtaining a fob from the dealership.

2. Purchase your own materials.

When changing or installing locks in a home or other building, the cost of hiring a locksmith to supply labor and materials can add up quickly. Lock manufacturers will often sell to the public at wholesale prices. By purchasing the desired style of lock directly from the manufacturer and leaving only the installation to the professionals, you can cut costs while still having the same high-quality, durable lock from a reputable brand installed correctly.

3. Have a lock rekeyed.

A less expensive alternative to replacing a lock is to have a lock technician rekey the pins inside the lock. Rekeying means the same lock will require a new key; however, there is no need to replace the hardware. New homeowners frequently request rekeying service to allow them to feel safe without purchasing brand new locks for all of exterior doors throughout the home.

Locksmiths play a critical role in keeping our homes and vehicles accessible to us and secure from intruders. There are always ways we can cut costs by sourcing our own materials, evaluating effective, budget-friendly alternatives, and investing in an ounce of prevention before an emergency arises. Sometimes an emergency may call for immediate service from a lock expert. Nevertheless, it is generally best to evaluate all options prior to contacting a technician.

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