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November 2021


How to Prevent Inappropriate Sexual Comments in the Workplace

Sexual harassment at the workplace, unfortunately, is all too common. Even in the advent of various movements advocating against it, many harassing comments and situations still go relatively unnoticed. As a result of numerous power dynamics at play, victims of these inappropriate comments may feel like they have no influence when reporting this behaviour.

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How to Promote Creativity and Innovation Within an Organization

The biggest and best business success stories are often built from an ability to create. Successful businesses can innovate through new products, services, and systems. To spark new ideas, the process involves creatives in the top ranks and those working at entry-level. Innovation across the organization will set your business apart.

There are a lot of ways to reward or encourage creative thinking. Your employees are assets. Creative thinking by anyone in your organization could lead to more revenue and profits. Encourage and empower your team members to think creatively at every turn.

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