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August 2017


All Natural, All Organic: 5 Ways to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Soda pop, potato chips, Big Macs, atrophy and neglect are all contributors to our poor health.

The summer is the best time to hit the reset button on your well-being. After months of being cooped up in your home, binge watching Netflix and eating potato chips all day long, our health has likely taken a hit. With sunshine, warm temperatures and a little bit of skip in your step, now is your opportune time to rejuvenate your overall health.

Should you want to start from the beginning, one of the best things you could do is to visit a naturopath. A naturopath can be complemented to your traditional medical care from your family doctor. The naturopath can give you plenty of information to eliminate heartburn, get rid of cramping in your calves and shed some of those added pounds.

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I Do, I Do: 4 Activities to Prepare the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are becoming more common as many young couples decide to ditch the traditional church wedding and establish a more casual occasion in the great outdoors.

An outdoor wedding is one of the greatest events that you will either put together or attend. Whether it is in the middle of autumn or at the height of spring, outdoor weddings are exquisite affairs that will enhance the atmosphere. It’s a wedding you’ll never forget.

Whether you have a dozen guests or 100 people attending your wedding, you need to plan ahead and ensure you have the right supplies to ensure you have a prepared outdoor wedding. This is where party rental facilities come into play. They make sure that you have everything you need for your outdoor wedding – chairs and tables, ribbons and balloons – so you won’t get stressed out on one of the biggest days of your lives.

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Style Travel

Best of Thailand: 5 Vacation Tips to Enjoy the Thai Culture

When you’re travelling, it can be all too easy—and expensive—to get caught unawares. Thailand is a relatively safe country for tourists, but anywhere can be dangerous and many tourists come ill prepared for Thailand’s climate. This is particularly true of those who travel during the rainy season, which is often the best time to get great deals on a Thailand trip.

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Beauty Style

Not a Stray Hair in Sight: 5 Ways to Get Ready for Laser Hair Removal

Let’s face it: we all have hair in unwanted places on our body. Whether it’s on our legs or on our backs, it can make us feel terrible knowing that we look a little bit like the sasquatch.

Well, you don’t need to feel that way anymore. Do you know why? Laser hair removal.

Although you can conceal that extra hair in autumn and winter, it is hard to hide when the weather outside is gorgeous. You could be going to the beach or heading over to your friend’s cottage; the entire time you will be thinking about ways to make your body hair clandestine. Rather than spending your time worrying, why not tackle the problem head on? It may have been costly and invasive several years ago, but laser hair removal treatments are better than ever.

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Beauty Style

Gotta Love Those Eyelash Extensions: 8 Highly Recommended Beauty Tips

Eyelash extensions are not for every woman, but they’re amazing and are worn by celebrities including:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Beyonce
  • Katy Perry
  • Jennifer Lopez

Wearing eyelash extensions can be perfect for a low maintenance person. Even on days where you can’t be bothered to or don’t have time to put on makeup, your eyes look coated in mascara and faintly lined.

They can make you feel a little more confident when you walk out the door in the morning. And after all, that’s probably why you decide to have any beauty treatment.

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