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July 2017

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Fashionable in Business: 4 Qualities to Find in a Leather Briefcase

You have made the decision that you need something to carry your work materials and settle on a leather briefcase. The decision was easy as they are stylish, elegant, and convenient. As you look around, you notice different styles of briefcases and the price range is anywhere from $100 to a few thousand dollars.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a leather briefcase and these tips will assist you in purchasing one that you are satisfied with and adequately meets your needs.

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Let’s Get the Show on the Road: 6 Essentials of a Party Limousine

Your special event is coming up and what greater way to travel in style than renting a limousine? You have someone to drive you around in style, you have space to get comfortable, and you can enjoy many luxuries that a normal vehicle does not offer. To get to this step, however, there are other factors to take into account to ensure your limousine experience is a pleasurable one.

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