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Feb 20

Gadgets: The biggest USB hub

At home, I have a laptop and all those things; you know – scanner, printer, external drive, etc, etc, etc. I also bring my work laptop from the office and it was a pain each time to connect the peripherals. This is the solution I found. Not very cheap (139 usd), but it resolved the problem.

The biggest USB hub

This is the biggest USB hub (at this date). I ordered it some time ago, now I used it, works great.
It has 16 usb ports, and is auto powered. The nice part is the switch, so you can connect two PC and share all the ports.

I ordered it directly in Japan, and here is the link for it. They have other crazy gadgets, you know, Japanese stuff, first hand ;) .

Btw, they ship internationally, as far as I understand.


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