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Feb 20

The first major local Drupal event – DrupalCamp Timisoara, 5-6 June, 2010

I am pleased to learn that a new Open Source event is taking shape in Romania.

DrupalCamp Romania / Timisoara is the first major local Drupal event in Romania, and as far as I see, one of the most well prepared events of this kind taking place in the country on 2010.

A few weeks ago I talked to people at Mozilla about a close collaboration and partnership for eLiberatica 2011.
Along it, Drupal Romania is next on the list. I hope that by autumn/winter we can add the majority of FLOSS Romanian communities.
eLiberatica 2011 should be a celebration and a culmination of the other three editions.

I hope you will take this chance and help DrupalCamp and participate if possible ( is free) , even if you are using other content management systems.
Actually this is the whole idea – which I keep to repeat it: to know each other, to help each other and to build a better IT environment in that region of the world.


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Feb 20

The Romanian Communications Ministry will pay EUR 90.18 million for the right to use 163,427 Microsoft licenses

A friend of mine (and one of the most active FLOSS supporters in Romania – Razvan Sandu) took the time to translate in English an article that deserves being read by more people.
I promised I’ll publish it, see below:

This is a translation of the original Romanian article, published on February 11th, 2010 by Capital Online magazine.

The Romanian Communications Ministry will pay EUR 90.18 million (including VAT) for the right to use 163,427 Microsoft licenses – for around 30 public agencies, including some ministries. The payment will be done in nine equal batches, until 2012.

The provider of the right to use the licenses is the business association between D-Con.Net AG, D-Con.Net GmbH, Comsoft Direct AG, Bechtle Holding Schweiz AG, Dim Soft SRL and Microsoft Romania, the only provider that participated to the bidding organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI) in July 2009.
The contract was signed a month later.
The first batch of payment will be done during this year, according to MCSI data obtained by Mediafax.
For the acquisition of rights of use, the manufacturer will provide a number of minimum 50,000 hours of consultancy and support, at no cost (…). These hours will be used by the purchasing public agencies (…). The provider will offer these consultancy hours during the entire period of the framework contract, establishing in each subsequent contract the number of hours that are necessary“, says the bidding specification.
According to Government’s Order 460/2009, the act in which the Government mandates MCSI to held the public bidding, the majority of computers and servers that get those licenses belongs to Ministry of Internal Affairs – 43,417, Justice – 25,247, Public Finances – 20,395, National Defense – 17,733, Public Health – 13,348 and Agriculture – 9,554.
In 2004, the Romanian Government and Microsoft signed a contract that stipulated using the products of the American company for five years. The clauses stipulated the use of about 50,000 Microsoft licenses for 54 million USD – that have been already paid.
Together with the amounts that were to be paid in 2009, totalizing $57.86 million, the value of the 2004 contract arrived at $111.86 millions.
Microsoft is the biggest international software manufacturer.

SOURCE: Mediafax

Last year at eLiberatica, we raised some questions about this contract. Of course, without any result… At least, the world should know. And spread the word. Here is the link to eWEEK article Romania Issues €100 Million To Microsoft Without Bids.


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