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Feb 20

A few days and the year is gone… farewell, 2010, welcome 2011!

A few days and the year is gone… farewell, 2010, welcome 2011!
I know, I wrote so rare this year. The time is flying faster and faster. There are many things that happened. In my life and in general.
It was a tough year, we lost people we love. But I don’t like to talk in public about family. Family is something special for me so I like to keep it private. I suppose I’m not the standard Facebook guy..

So let’s see, what about other things. For example my lessons to fly – covered in my last post. It was fun for a few months to do consultancy. I learned that is not exactly for me. I’m kind of a perfectionist, I like to focus on long term projects where you can build. Doing consultancy is not exactly building strong. Is more a kind of a mercenary thing. You do whatever they ask, you don’t care for long term. You don’t build, you deliver in time and budget ;) Now you should not understand I’m not doing consultancy anymore. I still have the consultancy business and when I have time and I like the project, I’m taking jobs. But definitely, I like long term involvement. Only in time you can really build true values.
To make it short, my last clients, at the end of August, offered me a position I couldn’t reject (hence my consultancy work proved to be successful ;). Many asked who are these people. I liked to keep it kind of a private for now. We are in stealth mode. The company is small but is having a lot of potential and I’m thrilled to help them. The position I took is Director, Web Marketing and Customer Experience (I didn’t update my LinkedIn profile yet). This means I touch almost all departments. Which is good. I can help them to build strong. And is long term. And we will have results. I learned a lot at BasicGov. Now I’m going forward, my experience more than doubled. I’ll come later with a separate article about what we try to do.

eLiberatica – probably the most important subject the readers of this blog are looking for. We will try to do it again. Is tough, the times are not favouring it; Romania is in an economical downturn. The entire world actually is like that. On the other side, the times are asking for more of these actions. Is a whole need toward openness. We are learning that technology changes politics and our own live. Look at Wikileaks scandal. An entire world divided. Look at Internet and what some are trying to do. Where are we going to be in 10 years from now?
I would say eLiberatica and events like it are necessary now more than ever. Facts? I’m doing my best to help Agora to gain the power to organize together again. I also have a few other proposals, with other open source organizations from Romania. We will see. Is not only about that, is about me too; can I sacrifice this time again – take it from sharing it with my family and donated it for this cause? Is it worth? I hope so. Sometimes I think Romanians are their own worst enemies. But perhaps this things are not definitely. There are still many good people there.

About me and Canada. More time is passing, more I love this country. It is amazing how people from so many parts can leave together in peace. Is the proof this is possible. I met here great people from all over the world. I also met or read about really bad things. Drugs, killings, and so on. There is no perfect place. The most important is to feel home and safe. My heart is still in Romania, but I start to feel home here. Strange.

Wish you all Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

PS – I rarely write on this blog, but I twitt daily. If you wish to keep in touch, you find me there http://twitter.com/LucianSavluc

Below, some bits of 2010…


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Feb 20

Proudly being one of the Vancouverites

Almost a week passed since Olympics started here in Vancouver. What can I say, I enjoyed it and I hated it.

I hated the streets closures, crazy security and overpriced stuff, not to mention the guys who “demonstrated” smashing windows (I still didn’t get what was their call).

But I loved the cosmopolite atmosphere, the joy and celebration in the air, the tourists from the entire world, the Canadians being proud and sustaining their team, and the great weather (not so good for snow sports actually). Is sunny, the spring is in the air, the summer is coming and we have all they eyes on our town.
I read some articles in the world media, criticizing the organizers and insinuating these Olympics are the worst. Well, I don’t feel the same. I think they should look in their garden first. I was here from the beginning and I can tell you how much all these people worked to do something good. And when I mean people, I mean all of them. Did you see in the pictures or on TV those wearing light blue outfits? They are volunteers, and they are thousands. This tells a lot about Vancouverites.

Below are the pictures I took walking the streets of Vancouver all these days. I’m afraid this is all from my side. In a few days we are leaving for a vacation so you should soon expect some images from Mexico ;)

Ah, and here is a story: an US comedian named Stephen Colbert said that Canadian are “iceholes” and “syrup suckers”. So they came to cheer him ;) I mean really cheer him. And a beer brand was born. Here ist the story and here about the beer… I don’t want to hear anybody saying that Canadians don’t know how to take a joke.

I’m proudly I’m belonging to this city. Good job people of Vancouver!


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