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May 24

2011 almost gone… 2012 The first year of the rest of my life :)

I’m writing less and less here. I checked… only a few articles this year. Perhaps this is the feeling you have when you talk with all and nobody in the same time – if you know what I mean. It is also the feeling that life is more important to live rather than socialmediasize it.

Coming from somebody that is involved a lot in social media, I recognize it is strange to say it, but still… we should not be drowned by it.

Fastening from media in general – that is an interesting idea indeed. We all should exercise it for time to time. What you have to do is to avoid opening at any cost the browser, the newspaper, the radio or the TV. Nor read any commercial or written word pushed to your eyes. Only your own thoughts. And surprise! You will realize after a few days how far you are disconnected from your own being.

And did I mention? – stop for a while to look into your smartphones and tablets, stop listening to the gagas and just look on the window. You may discover the real world around you.

Back to this blog… Well, for now, I’m still going to keep it. I started it because of eLiberatica. After a while, I thought that helping with my part to the so called "social media awareness" can change the way we think and behave, in the good way. After more time, I learned that is actually only a tool in which individuals and organizations try to influence the others. Can be for good or bad.. So be carefully how and what are you listening to.
The way to change things for good must not rely solely on a tool. It is more about us – to stay in touch with our own being and with the others, at e personal and intimate level. And this is where computers and Internet cannot do much help. There are more important things in life. Which is short indeed.

Now, here are some things I consider deserves to be shared with you; things that I found interesting along this year:

For the ones asking about eLiberatica. No plans for 2012, sorry. I will consider 2013, if, hopefully, I can find the time, the mood, and in general, if the general economic downturn will cease…

Professionally speaking? I’m continuing to push CapturePlay – the company I’m working for. From my personal point of view, one of the most important achievements this year is the internship program, which I setup it there with the help of a few Canadian immigration organizations. It makes you feel good when you can help others to succeed, and they help you back to build your product.
Generally speaking, since one year ago CapturePlay’s Alexa ranking was somewhere around 24,000,000 and now is around 340,000 that is confirming we did a lot towards achieving success.

In general, this year was tough… My father passed away… I finally started to publish his work.
So yes, it was tough again, but also enlightening. It refocused my mind to the most essential meanings of life; people we love, family and time; doing best you can to be human, to be good.

For the friends who are interested, there are some pictures from 2011.

OK, I think that is all for now, and for this year.

Looking forward for 2012.

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get."

I wish you all a Happy New Year, peace, love, prosperity and happiness!


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May 24

Boris Savluc is not Dead; he is Alive through his Art.

Sooner or later, I have to do it: publicly announce that my father has passed away. Many had the privilege of meeting him, and he made many friends; as well, a number of my friends had the privilege to know him. He left this world suddenly on April 8th 2011 at the age of 74. In his lifetime – since his twenties, he painted over one thousand of paintings. The most intense period was in the latest years of his life. Being my Father, I may be subjective in judging his work. However, in speaking with his colleagues and friends, as well as art critics who attended the funerals, I realized I have a responsibility to publicize his work. Perhaps his life story, which is an interesting one, has a bearing on this; however, more about this at a later time eventually. About ten years ago, I had set up a website for his work ( I didn’t touch it since then, and now is outdated. Therefore we plan to re-build and re-launch it. In the meantime, we will publish almost daily one of his paintings under different social media outlets. There are hundreds; this will take a few years. We also hope the private owners or organizations that own his paintings, will contribute to it and send us images to be published. We plan to publish much of his artwork under a Creative Common license, and allow use of his artwork freely, in so far as his paintings would be credited. We believe this is his final will – to share his art with you, to make this world more colorful and to add to its beauty. You can follow his published work at: Twitter: @BorisSavluc Facebook: Boris Savluc In Memoriam Flickr: photos/borissavluc We will continue to keep you updated about this project. Last but not least: If you feel a bit of pleasure while looking at his paintings, please let others know about it. Boris and Lucian Boris Savluc is not Dead; he is Alive through his Art.


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