May 05

Industry Insider Series 2011 Event – An Overview

The event has passed, and it was good. It was exciting to feel the electricity in the air; people from all corners of the world, feeling and thinking the same thoughts. It seems that upon arriving in Canada all of us share similar experiences. We feel the same. It was quite emotional. Everyone has their own story. I tried to tell my story and it seems that the audience appreciated it. Aaron presented some opportunities at CapturePlay, and today we listed available positions, so if anyone is interested, more details are available on the CapturePlay website. It was great to meet Bruce and Pierre from Paul Alexander, who provided thoughtful insight about applying for jobs in this post-recession market. Even for us, employers, it was valuable to attend their session. It was unfortunate that the IBM representative could not attend, as I wanted to speak with him, particularly since IBM helped eLiberatica in the past, and that was important to us. Last but not least, it reminded me what a wonderful meeting place the Vancouver Public Library is. Many thanks to Uta, the VPL representative and, of course, to Ken and his colleagues from Back in Motion. Overall, the time we spent in preparation for this presentation was entirely worthwhile. At CapturePlay we are planning to work more closely with these types of organisations, which integrate newcomers into local culture. This does a lot of good for everybody, and knowing that you helped (at least morally) somebody who is new here (similarly at some point in time almost all of us, or our ancestors, were here) made a big difference at the end of the day.
—– PS – Seems that I miss eLiberatica, Eh? ;)

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