Sep 19

Romania, Linux and FLOSS

Carmen Holotescu and Sabin Buraga presented ROSI and eLiberatica initiative to the Romanian “Linux and virtual e-learning environments” seminar at Arad. The event was organized by some of high profile Romanian IT academics like Antoanela Naaji,  Mihai Jalobeanu, Dragos Acostachioaie si Sabin Buraga.
There is a powerful Linux community In Romania (my feeling is that till now, in Romania, FLOSS = Linux, mainly) but I hope that ROSI are going to take the flag and give a broader sense to Open Source and Free Software. And the ones that love Linux will join us.  Indeed, Linux was one of the most important software that demonstrated the power of FLOSS, but FLOSS is much more than that. It is a concept, a philosophy and a method that covers the entire IT domain and all the people involved in this field and all the users that have contact with a computer should benefit and know about it. And this is what eLiberatica should present in Romania

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